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  1. Giles Galahad
    Giles Galahad says:

    Re: Jim Fowler
    I heard from Jim’s sister Heather yesterday. She said Jim has been taken to the Gulf Coast Hospital with Covid 19. His phone number is 239 343 1000 7 West Ext. 7134.
    She talked to him and said he has a high fever, but sounded good on the phone.
    Let’s hope for the best for him.

  2. Donald Crouch
    Donald Crouch says:

    My heart go out to all the families and friends who attend the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill. This horrific event will always be remembered and sadden my heart every time I think of my life in Squirrel Hill. I lived just a few blocks s away from the Synagogue and drove past the Synagogue daily. I can’t imagine the pain in this beautiful, friendly and warm community. I cherish the years I lived in Squirrel Hill.

    I love you Pittsburghers

    Don Crouch

  3. Linda Schifino
    Linda Schifino says:

    Hi all, Just finding this message board and appreciate the connection. So, thanks to whoever set it up! I’d love to make a 55 year reunion happen and would be willing to help the committee.
    Best to everyone!
    Linda Schifino

  4. bob stein
    bob stein says:

    Wow, poignant stuff…
    2 bits of advice from my dad- ( and like most , I did not follow)….it is just as easy to( re- )marry someone rich as it is someone poor, and a prenup never hurts ( and if one is needed, it means the first advice is being honored)…regards to all and hope there is a reunion again sooner rather than later….fyi for those who want a long fiction read about western pa and west Virginia in the late 60s and early 70 check out Corky fna Curtis Seltzer book on amazon “the Point of the Pick”…best to all,

    Robert A. Stein
    Attorney at Law

    The Stein Law Firm, PLLC
    One Barberry Lane
    Concord, NH 03301
    (603) 228-1109
    (603) 228-5326 (fax)

  5. Giles Galahad
    Giles Galahad says:

    I went to see Fred, Judy Emler’s husband yesterday…

    He seems to be doing moderately OK, his nearby daughter and granddaughters are there every day with him. It is 7 months now since she died.

    I found it interesting [and sweet] that one of the instructions/requests she made of him before she died (in the presence of his daughter and granddaughters and the other daughter on the phone listening in; was that he relatively quickly get remarried! She said he was not the sort of person to do well living alone (and that she knew this for a fact, even if he did not). After a bunch of discussion, all the daughters and granddaughters finally agreed (their assigned task was to drive him back and forth to ballroom dancing twice a week to meet other widows). And, as of yesterday, there were two different widows he was beginning to pay attention to.

    And, just last month, he discovered a diary of Judy’s, of which I here attach three pages.

  6. Rick Slaton
    Rick Slaton says:

    I feel there should be another reunion. I went to the first reunion. However, due to health problems I missed the last one. Let’s have a mini reunion.
    I live in Gilbert AZ and would love to see my old friends one last time. Plus, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss my beloved City of Pittsburgh.

  7. Alexis Oklin
    Alexis Oklin says:

    What a nice web page. I love the photos of the school and all of the senior photos. There are so many familiar faces. We sure did use a lot of spray net. As I look back, I am happy to have been a student at Peabody because of the kind and fun loving student body. It seemed that people got along well and were truly nice to one another. The education was pretty decent, too. I left Pittsburgh immediately after graduation and moved to California. I haven’t been back to Pittsburgh since although I have fond memories and still root for the Pirates, Steelers, and Pittsburgh Penguins (along with the S.F. Giants, 49ers and San Jose Sharks ).
    I hope, in time, more people write on this board.
    Thank you to those who worked on this.

  8. Gene Lewis
    Gene Lewis says:

    I just wanted to thank whoever put the energy into creating the class of ’64 website. It was interesting to look at the photos from that time. The only reunion that I was ever able to attend was the 20th which ironically is the only one you seem to be missing from the reunions photos. I came to that event for many reasons but to specifically see who had survived the Vietnam war. I served five years during the war but was part of the “underground Air Force” – meaning ICBMs – so I fortunately never saw the war. The good news was that everyone I was looking for had returned from the war. If you want to take a glance at the website for my “biker novel” set in the year 2019 you can find it at:

    Take care,

    Gene Lewis
    Loveland, CO

    • Jim Stefancic
      Jim Stefancic says:

      Gene, visited your book website and loved it. I will have to make a go of getting the book and reading it – while keeping in mind my own experiences with “bikers”. While I was working at Hewlett-Packard in the 70’s and 80’s, one of my fellow sales managers tried to introduce me to riding and the thrills he loved. Unfortunately, he was also an outlaw biker and asked me to drive the “weapons car” to a gathering he and his buds were attending in West Virginia; I never made it into “the life”!

      Jim Stefancic
      Taneytown, MD

    • Martin Silverman
      Martin Silverman says:

      Survived the war way above ground, 8 years with the Air Force.
      Rejoined the Army Guard for another 26 years.
      Miss the flying, but don’t miss the pressure.


  9. Jim Stefancic
    Jim Stefancic says:

    I am very glad to see the website back in business. Great job! The availability of the In Memoriam page helps me to realize how fragile life is; so many memories of so many friends who crossed the finish line early.

  10. Jackie Mancini Cristiano
    Jackie Mancini Cristiano says:

    Some of the best times were in this building with some great friends and teachers. One of my favorites I sometime called “cupcake”, was a great teacher Mr. Williams!What a wonderful man,teacher and friend to his students! There were several at Peabody when I was a student and there were also some Not so nice. of course that is to be expected anywhere in life. But I know I certainly enjoyed my 4 years at Peabody and I would do it all over again! I met my first real love there, in my home room,Bill Corey. They had to combine several January Classes already in Peabody to accommodate the incoming
    freshmen class which was HUGE! We were the last of the January graduates so we were a very small class. The city decided to go to one yearly promotion for students. If you think about it it was a smart way to promote kids born in the beginning of the year (almost 1yearolder than ones born at the end of the year).So there were students who went to first grade in. February and then the others in September.
    So the first half of first grade or any other grade was 1a then1b, the 2a & 2b etc, etc. Made sense to me.But then someone decided that everyone should start in Septemberwhich makes no sense because that’s almost the end of the year! Oh well what do I know!?!!

    • Steve Herman
      Steve Herman says:

      I was always under the impression the February class was created to accommodate the large number of students in the system.
      I agree with you about Paul Williams, Jackie & remember what a good guy Bill was.


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